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IGNIS Capabilities

  • Uses standard Dragon Egg ignition spheres and full strength antifreeze.
  • Custom integration with Freefly Alta X drone and Workswell Wiris Pro thermal camera.
  • Maximum payload of 450 ignition spheres, drop rate of up to 120 spheres per minute.
  • Area coverage assuming typical conditions and loads of 450 ignition spheres:
Hours of
Spheres to be dropped per acre
1 2 3 5 10
1 hour 700 acres 675 acres 650 acres 600 acres 250 acres
4 hours 2300 acres 2200 acres 2100 acres 1900 acres 800 acres
8 hours 4500 acres 4300 acres 4200 acres 3800 acres 1600 acres
  • Fast-reload: single operator reload time is 2-5 minutes.
  • Lightweight, durable construction (1.83kg empty, 4.2kg fully loaded).
  • Delivered with robust custom transport cases for IGNIS, camera, batteries, and Alta X.
  • Onboard sensors for obstruction, resistance, and temperature.
  • Remote emergency release system.

IGNIS Android App capabilities

  • Designed for firefighters.
  • Runs on the Herelink Blue and integrated tablet for larger viewing.
  • Fly, monitor, and control the drone and IGNIS.
  • Create a geofence to ensure IGNIS will not drop outside the burn area.
  • Autonomously ignite burn lines with waypoint missions.
  • Configure ignition spacing, number of ignition spheres, mission duration, and altitude.
  • Conduct missions offline with downloaded satellite imagery and elevation maps.
  • Import burn plans and maps with geo-referenced PDFs, KMZs, and other formats.
  • Calibrate drone compass, view drone diagnostics, and configure drone settings.
  • Save flight logs and drop locations to a spreadsheet file.
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IGNIS Physical Parameters

  • Loaded Weight (450 ignition spheres and antifreeze): 4.2kg (9.3lbs)
  • Empty Weight: 1.83kg (4.0lbs)
  • Payload Rail Width: 149-155mm
  • Payload Rail Diameter: 12mm

Workswell Wiris Pro Visual/Thermal Camera

  • Fully integrated with Gremsy gimbal
    • Fully integrated App control of gimbal and thermal camera
  • Radiometric thermal camera 640 x 512 pixels at 30Hz
  • Full HD visual camera with 10x optical zoom
  • Temperature Sensitivity: 0.050C; Accuracy: ±2 % or ±2 °C (±3.6 °F)
  • Spectral Range: 7.5 – 13.5 μm
  • See https://workswell-thermal-camera.com for details

Integrated Alta X Parameters

  • Controlled by a customized Herelink Blue controller with a larger tablet interface
  • Basic empty weight (includes landing gear, gimbal plate, etc, but no IGNIS, camera, or batteries): 11.24kg (25.0lbs)
  • Weight with batteries and camera, no IGNIS: 20.5kg (45.2lbs)
  • Weight with batteries, camera, and IGNIS loaded with 325 spheres: 24.94kg (54.99lbs)
    • Flight time: 22-30 minutes (depending on when dropping spheres occurs)


  • IGNIS ignition ball dispenser with transport case and parts kit
  • Drone Amplified Android app and tablet for system operation
  • Freefly Alta X drone with custom landing gear and transport case
  • Workswell Wiris Pro thermal/visual camera, gimbal, and custom transport case
  • Herelink Blue radio controller with tablet holder
  • Custom Herelink Blue carry case
  • Batteries for near continuous operations: 4 sets of batteries, 2 chargers, and 2 custom battery transport cases
  • Spare parts: 1 full set of props, additional small spare parts
  • One day of training at customer site